Nick Greenough

Nick Greenough discovered improv after a disastrous 8th grade performance of Hamlet in which he forgot all of his lines.

Thankfully he was saved (at least a scrap of face) by another actor taking the initiative and improvising. Since then, he has always reveled in having no lines to remember. While many non-improvisers insist that they can’t imagine going onstage without a plan—think about all that could go wrong!—Nick believes that improvising ensures that nothing can go wrong.

Nick is a member of the Washington Improv Theater ensemble Season Six. He was a member of his local college’s improv group (GPIG), studied at WIT, directed the WIT Harold teams Ouroboros, Fisticuffs, and Discoteca!

Photo by Andrew Bossi

Favorite color
Purple ties
Best dance move
Old Timey Stuff