Elijah Sloan

Elijah Sloan started improvising in high school, or, more accurately, Elijah Sloan and his high school friends were too lazy to writes scripts for all the sketches they filmed. (You can't see any of them, though, because YouTube officially banned them in the U.S.)

Elijah Sloan started doing actual long form improv at George Mason University in 2012. His first indie team, Big in Certain Countries, was formed with friends he met as they all bombed an audition for the college team together.

He can currently be seen on the WIT stage with King Bee and Citizens’ Watch. You can still see him with Big in Certain Countries, too; they’re still going strong, and remain a living testament to the virtues of failure.

Favorite Historical Figure
Nikola Tesla
Favorite Color
Turquoise, in moderation