Amanda Magnavita

Amanda was born and raised in good ol’ Brooklyn, NY, where she discovered her passion for acting and singing.

When she was younger and just as short, she performed obsessively in many musical theatre and drama productions. She also was lucky enough to work in film, TV, commercials, and voiceovers for several years. After spending far too long neglecting her passion for the arts, Amanda dove head first back into the area of performance that always scared her most-improv! And as it turns out, she loves it!

Amanda spends her days working with kids (the greatest improvisers of all). You may see her singing while she drives, acting while she walks, and dancing while she eats. She wants to send her thanks into the ether to the cast of Critical Role (the greatest improv show of all time) for inspiring her to be brave-and shameless-enough to give improv a try.

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