Alex Stille

Alex Stille is a Principle Advisor at CEB, running conferences and training programs for senior IT teams, and overseeing its IT talent development initiatives.

He has spent the past 13 years advising senior management across the world’s leading global organizations on how to maximize value from technology, create effective strategic plans, and manage digital disruption. He has grown CEB’s business in a number of markets.

Prior to joining CEB, Alex held project management roles in Cable & Wireless, PSINet, and Motorola. And in the dim and distant past, gained more law degrees than he cares to remember.

Alex attended his first WIT show in 2015 due to a team member performing there and fell for improv instantly. When not attending improv performances, he can be found at the theatre, opera, and playing bridge or a variety of board games.

Personal hero
John Oliver
Personal motto
Smile—it makes people wonder what you are thinking.