The Poetry of Analogous Scenes with Dan Brown

Break out of the routine of re-visiting the same characters. Use patterns and heightening to breath life into the comedic *ideas* on stage.

Learn how to identify solid patterns and themes needed for crafting strong analogous scenes. Turn those patterns into scene poetry! Work on this fundamental skill to take your improv to the next level and change the way you see approach scenes.

In this workshop, we’ll work through a layered set of exercises (Three Leaf Clover, 60-30-15 second scenes, Into the Ether, game-focused tag-outs, etc.) to identify and track the patterns within establishing scenes. Then, we will apply those patterns to follow-up scenes in new ways, (re)creating familiar, deja-vu evoking scenarios, but with new characters and situations – like stanzas within a poem.


Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Dan, a lifelong comedy-nerd raised on Saturday Night Live and Kids in the Hall, first caught the improv bug while in college, performing in the school’s short-form and sketch program, acting in school and community plays, as well as writing, directing, and starring in many comedy short films. After moving to the Washington DC area, he took a free WIT workshop and fell in love with long-form improv with the freedom and joy it presents. He signed up immediately for the Level 1 class and dove straight through the entire program.

Dan loves seeing the ‘lightbulbs’ go off above people’s heads when the possibilities of improv and Yes-And start to click into place for them. His approach to teaching is positive, encouraging, joyful, fast-paced, and, most of all, fun. More than anything else, he especially loves seeing the introverts, like himself, cause an entire class to erupt in laughter when they deliver a ‘button line’ with ninja-like precision.

He has been a member of indie improv teams Rule 34, Tiny Ikea, Blades of Beauty, Train School, Vendetta, Until One Day, Fish Police, Hellbender, and currently performs as part of Danger Noodle. He coaches the teams Fat American Vampires and Roommate Love. In 2016 he founded Reflex Improv, which is introducing improv to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland.

Level 3: Game (or the previous Level 3: Character)
The Poetry of Analogous Scenes

Sunday, February 24th 3pm - 6PM
Room: Source Classroom

Source Theater
1835 14th St NW


Daniel Brown