The Joy of Analogous Scenes with Samantha Watson

Break out of the routine of re-visiting the same characters. Use patterns and heightening to breathe life into the comedic *ideas* on stage.

Heighten your game by taking it into a whole new world. Learn how to identify solid patterns and themes needed for crafting strong analogous scenes. Turn those patterns into scenic joy! Work on this fundamental skill to take your improv to the next level and change the way you see approach scenes.

In this workshop we will develop the skill of creating analogous scenes that emphasize FUN. We will practice mapping the game of a scene to new times, places and characters that allow us to have the best time possible on stage. You will drill down into second beat choices that open up your shows so the whole group is having a blast.


Samantha loves improv comedy because she believes that, for the most part, adults don’t play and become more alive and present to life when they do. Improv is one of the most playful things we can do, and Samantha enjoys creating a brave, safe environment, in which people feel comfortable playing and failing, but also learning.
Samantha trained at WIT, has done several workshops with other theaters, and coaches a couple of indie teams in addition to being a WIT teacher.

Level 3: Game (or the previous Level 3: Character)
The Joy of Analogous Scenes

Wednesday, March 18th 7pm - 9:30PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW


Samantha Watson