The Gifts that Keep on Giving with Bianca Casusol

Listen more closely, react more honestly, and learn to extract all of the fun out of the first few moments of the scene.

How to gift yourself and others in a way that creates a real, grounded relationships that have fun, relationship based games — the kind you can keep playing. We’ll focus on how to expand on the gifts that we’ve given ourselves and others.

Bianca Casusol is a performer, teacher, and House Team Director (aka Megawatt Director) at New York City’s Magnet Theater. She’s been lucky enough to teach at festivals across the country, The Peoples Improv Theater, DSI Comedy Theater, and The North Carolina Theater Conservatory. She’s learned from very person she’s ever done a scene with. When she’s not doing make believe, she’s turning children’s short stories into sketches as a touring member of The Story Pirates or trying to pet every animal. Her work has been featured on The Truth Podcast, Hot Mic with Dan Savage, Risk!, Bust Magazine, and Reductress. Please let her pet your dog.

Level 3: Character or permission from the Education Director
The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Saturday, July 27th 4PM - 7PM

1835 14th St NW

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