Slow is Strong with Jack Novak

Be more confident in uncertainty and invest in discovery. Slowing down helps you listen better and helps you find absurdity more easily!

We’ll look at how playing slow & patient can be extremely effective, and while we’re at it we’ll get super comfortable being uncomfortable onstage.

Practice starting scenes with a long pause. Running really long (5 minutes/more) scenes with minimal dialogue. Use eye contact to get on the same page. Be patient when a wrench is thrown in, taking your time to justify weird details.


Jack started teaching improv in high school, when he started an after school improv club that is still running to this day. Since then, he has studied improv in Chicago at The Second City, The Annoyance Theatre, and One Group Mind.

He holds a degree in theatre from Northwestern University, where he was a member and director of the long-running improv/sketch comedy group Mee-Ow.

Along with improvising, Jack is a local actor, playwright, and teaching artist. In addition to teaching adult students at WIT, he has taught drama and improv to kids ages 3 to 18 through Imagination Stage and InterAct Story Theatre, among others.

Level 3: Character, or permission from the Education Director
Slow is Strong

Monday, December 2nd 7PM - 9:30PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW


Jack Novak