Monoscene: The Joy of Staying Put with Ben Taylor

One location. No edits. Explore characters in real-time by committing to strong choices for the whole show.

Forget edits! Forget plans! Plant yourself on stage, embrace internal movement, and grow beautiful, complex scenes with the power of the Monoscene format.

We’ll talk all variations of the Monoscene format and its applications. Exercises will cover how to read a scene for its emotional arc, and how to move a story forward without edits or external conflict.

Ben Taylor started improvising as a part of Atlas Improv Co. in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008. In the 7 years he was with Atlas, he taught Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Improv classes and led Corporate Trainings. In 2015, he developed and facilitated a course called “Improv to Improve Teaching and Science Communication” for graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The curriculum for that course has been adopted by the University and is still being taught today.

Level 3: Character, or permission from the Education Director
Monoscene: The Joy of Staying Put

Tuesday, March 26th 7PM - 9:30PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW


Ben Taylor