Intro to Musical Improv with Jaime Hazan

It doesn't take a 'good singer' to be a good musical improviser. This introduction to musical improv only requires longform improv experience.

Learn how to put your thoughts and emotions into improvised song and take your scenes to the next level! In this workshop you will learn the basic song structure you need to make up musicals on the spot. No need to be an experienced singer! Through exercises in group dynamic, support, and movement, you will learn how to turn every song you improvise into a full-blown musical number.

Note: A service dog will be alongside Jaime during this workshop. Please avoid petting him. Read more by clicking here.

Jaime has trained in musical improv in NYC at Magnet and studied orchestration for television and film at Berklee. He has performed at Magnet, The PIT, UCB, Chicago City Limits and theaters all around the country. He is music director for Vox Pop.

As an independent performer he’s logged thousands of stage hours in his improv career. He also runs a private synthestration studio where he writes and composed musical scores

Level 2: Foundations of Scenework, or permission from the Education Director
Intro to Musical Improv

Saturday, December 22nd 1PM - 4PM

1835 14th St NW

2 spots left!