Advanced Musical Improv: Melodic Risk with Jaime Hazan

Getting your musical reward by taking "melodic risk"

Melodic Risk a 3- hour workshop that encourages the singer/improviser to try out new melodies that haven’t been sung before, ever, combined with not-so-typical beat structures to bring originality and uniqueness to your performances. For some players, there is a “safe character” we revert to when a stressful situation arises on stage. For some musical improvisers, there is a “safe song” or a “safe melody” that given the chance will sneak into our work if not kept at bay. Learning to take measured Melodic Risks can be used as a tool to combat the mundane, and give your performances a truly original edge. Come ready to join a supportive and accepting environment where teamwork is encouraged.

Note: A service dog will be alongside Jaime during this workshop. Please avoid petting him. Read more by clicking here.

Jaime has trained in musical improv in NYC at Magnet and studied orchestration for television and film at Berklee. He has performed at Magnet, The PIT, UCB, Chicago City Limits and theaters all around the country. He is music director for Vox Pop.

As an independent performer he’s logged thousands of stage hours in his improv career. He also runs a private synthestration studio where he writes and composed musical scores

Intro to Musical Improv workshop, or permission from the Education Director
Advanced Musical Improv

Sunday, December 23rd 1pm - 4PM

1835 14th St NW

$50 Register