Advanced Format: Advanced Harold – with Jamal Newman

Dive deep into the mother of all formats.

Take your Harold skills to the next level.

We all know the Harold: opening, three beats, group games. This class seeks to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the format, perform better scenes within each section of the format, and learn how to maximize playtime.

Focus areas include really digging down into the deals and dynamics of characters in the first beats; strong and clear second beat initiations that serve as launching pads for scenes that follow the fun in new and exciting ways; and multi-level group games.

The eight-week class will feel more like being part of a two-month Harold team, with lessons tailored to coach specific areas where the group is struggling. Participants should come in with a basic understanding of the Harold format and a desire for targeted feedback.


Jamal believes teaching improv is about releasing the restraints we subconsciously wrap ourselves in on a daily basis. Improv removes these hurdles and can help people release the full potential of their capacity to create and imagine detailed worlds with complete strangers who often become close friends.

Jamal has studied at both Washington Improv Theater and the DC Improv. He performs improv, writes and performs sketch, short films, stand up, and acts. He is a former member of WIT ensembles Season Six and Madeline and has also performed in special projects POTUS Among Us, Yearbook, and You Are Afraid of the Dark. He’s also a member of indie teams Lena Dunham and NIXON.

Level 5: Harold or permission from the Education Manager
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In-person elective - Winter 2023
Advanced Harold

7PM - 9:30PM (8 Classes at 2.5 hours)
Dates: 1/9, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13
Showcase: 1PM Block, SUN, March 18 @ Studio

Latin American Youth Center
1419 Columbia Rd NW


Jamal Newman