Active Listening and Top of Scene with Jordana Mishory

Lock down your POV and play with what your scene partner gives you. Don't overthink it. Just listen and respond.

Improv is all about building a scene brick by brick with your scene partner — requiring careful and active listening to both what your scene partner says and also what they mean. But oftentimes in an improv scene your brain is doing so many things that it is challenging to really focus on the last thing your scene partner said and respond.

During this workshop we will do exercises that will help you strip down the elements of scenework to enable you to really work that listening muscle — and help develop tools to apply those skills to your scene work.

The workshop will also focus on strong listening at top of scenes to help use organic initiations as a jumping off point to get into the heart of a relationship-based scene.

During the day, Jordana works as WIT’s operations manager. At night, Jordana teaches advanced classes at WIT and performs with House Ensemble Uncle Gorgeous, Featured Ensemble The Hypothesis, and indie teams Galbraith & Mishory and I Wrote That.

Jordana was a cast member in The Heist, an improvised drama about a bank robbery gone wrong, as well as WIT’s POTUS Among Us 2016. She previously played with long-time indie stalwarts Cake Bagel, Jos. A. Banksy, and WIT Ensemble Love Onion, and directed Hellcat.

She has performed at festivals across the country including the Del Close Marathon and the Chicago Improv Festival — as well as at The Kennedy Center’s Page to Stage New Play Festival. Jordana completed the WIT curriculum and trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. She has spent enough money on workshops over the years to presumably purchase her own private island. (She assumes, having no idea how much private islands cost).

Jordana is a strong advocate of side-coaching with an intense focus on believable emotions and strong deals. She is a stronger advocate of having the most fun you’ve ever had in your entire life while on stage. She spends most of her time in scenes trying not to giggle at her hilarious troupemates.

Level 2: Scene Dynamics, or permission from the Education Director
Active Listening and Top of Scene

Tuesday, December 15
7PM - 9PM



Jordana Mishory