Jess Lee

Jess Lee is fresh from the Pacific Northwest. Like a salmon. Who improvises.

Jess Lee has been improvising since she took a beginner’s class in 2011 at The Brody Theater in Portland, Oregon. While on the West Coast, she was a part of the Brody Ensemble, Holy Trinity, ADMINISTRATION, Brainwaves, and JNAMES. She has performed at improv festivals across the country, and is usually the most awkward person at the after party.
Jess is a member of WIT ensemble King Bee. She competed in FIST with the improv quartet New World, performs regularly in a duo with John Windmuller (Ways and Means) and is a cast member of special WIT project, Citizens’ Watch. 
When not on stage improvising, Jess can be found teaching improv, doing applied improv consulting for businesses and leaders, and doing a ridiculous impression of her dog. Because let’s be honest. That dog is HILARIOUS.
Current Ensembles
Personal Motto
"Eat, Play, Love"
Personal hero
The person who first made chocolate ganache and the entire cast of Jane The Virgin

Improv is the best. PERIOD.

Jess has been teaching improv since 2014, first on the West Coast, and on the East Coast since Fall 2016. Improv has been such a joy in her life, that passing it on is the least she can do. As a teacher, Jess is known by her students for running a tight ship, personalized feedback in real time, and admitting that she will break all the rules she teaches you in class when she performs. Because improv is about playing with constraints, and getting good enough to break the rules. Actually, improv is about human connection and play. But also – rule breaking can be fun.

Student feeback
“Jess gave great feedback, was engaging and got out of the way and let us play when it was time to play.”

“Jess taught everyone to punch up! I saw a lot of people (and myself) grow more than in any other improv class.”

“I learned more from this class and from Jess than I thought was possible in eight weeks.”

Current Ensembles
Sea Lion
Personal Hero
Leslie Knope

Everyone is already improvising - why not practice?

Since 2014, Jess has been bringing improv into the business world. Improv is one of the few ways that we can move away from talking and reading about skills, to actually practicing them, in real time. She has led workshops for World Bank, NPR, Goodwill International, and other organizations.


Jess is an entrepreneur and spends her days doing project management, teaching businesses about improv, and facilitating meetings that don’t suck. She is a member of WIT ensemble King Bee, WIT project Citizens’ Watch, and a WIT faculty member.