Jess Lee

Jess Lee is fresh from the Pacific Northwest. Like a salmon. Who improvises.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon and weighing in at #effyourbeautystandards! Jess has been improvising since 2011 and has landed in DC. After completing the advanced training program at The Brody Theater and at The Liberator’s Training Center, Jess moved into performing as much as humanly possible because improv is more fun than anything else. FOR REALS. She was part of the Brody Ensemble, Holy Trinity, ADMINISTRATION, Brainwaves, and is still a member of JNames. She has performed at improv festivals across the country and is usually the most awkward person at the after party.

When not on stage improvising, Jess can be found teaching improv, doing applied improv consulting for businesses and leaders, coaching folks around empowerment, and doing a ridiculous impression of her dog. Because let’s be honest. That dog is HILARIOUS.

Current Ensembles
Personal Motto
"Eat, Play, Love"
Personal hero
The person who first made chocolate ganache and the entire cast of Jane The Virgin.