Charles Bowles

Charles is a proud Kentuckian who discovered improv at Saint Louis University and hasn't looked back.

He began performing in a short-form improv group called the League of Laughter (LOL) at Saint Louis University. After he moved to Washington for work, he discovered the Washington Improv Theater on the suggestion of a local stand-up comedian. He has completed the WIT curriculum and has taken classes at The Unified Scene Theater. Charles also performs with an indie long team called Dudes on Dudes. He is usually behind the camera or in the sound booth when he is volunteering for WIT events and productions.


Charles’¬†favorite part about volunteering is seeing all the various troupes in D.C. There a creative side to Washington that not many people get to see and to see there various products shows the creativity and strength of the Washington, D.C.¬†improv community.

During the day, Charles works at financial education nonprofit. He also is a freelance sports writer whose writing has appeared in The New York Times and SB Nation. He also defends his home state of Kentucky, despite its backwardness.

Favorite color
Kentucky Blue
Favorite word