Caroline Chen

Caroline is grateful she talked herself into giving improv a try.

She remembers once shrinking in her audience seat and praying not to be selected to join performers onstage at an improv show she attended.  The weird ways of life have since propelled her through WIT’s curriculum, onto the stage for a variety of shows, and to a place where she gets to introduce the joy of improv to others.  She now eagerly fills her schedule with improv performances and loves being a part of the community

She loves sharing with students the exciting, collaborative, and forgiving spirit of improv.

Caroline has performed with former WIT Harold team People Like Us and currently plays with Indie troupes Asian Moms, Until One Day, and Sweater Kittens.

Student feedback

“Caroline was engaging, thoughtful and enthusiastic.”

“Caroline provided excellent feedback and notes.”

Personal motto
My heart is in the work
Favorite Animal