Stretching Your Imagination and the Space-Time Continuum with James Quesada

Forget about doing improv 'the right way'. It's time to shake things up and expand your notions of what's possible in an improv show.

This workshop is designed to aggressively expand the concept of improvised gameplay, scenework, and show formatting. First we’ll shake things up with short form games that play with contradictions, surrealism, mental juggling, and the inane. Then we’ll take an abnormal approach to scenework by creating ‘wormholes’ for characters to travel between worlds and exploring playful dissonance when parts of unlike scenes are forced to share the same space. Finally, we will talk about how to implement these concepts into innovative longform shows and set your troupe apart from all others.

Whether you’re looking to shake yourself out of a rut or you’re hungry for new tools and ideas on how to keep improv fresh and challenging, you’ll walk away from this workshop feeling inspired about what’s next for you in improv.

James Quesada is an improviser from Metro Detroit where he is an enthusiastic coach, teacher, and director. He is the Director of Long Form at Go Comedy! Improv Theater and an Assistant Director for the newly founded Pointless Improv Theater.

James is the co-creator of the Go! Labs, an innovative branch of Go Comedy! dedicated to pushing Improv into new territories. Along with GO! Labs directing partner Pete Jacokes, James has created more than 200 short form games, and over 25 long form shows. Go Comedy! has honored James with awards for Most Supportive Improviser, Best Male Improviser, Best Coach, Best Improvised show, Best Improv Troupe, Best Object Work, Funniest Moment of the Year, Inspiration, and The Spirit of Go Comedy! and he doesn’t know how to use these so he decided to just list them here.

Level 3: Character, or permission from the Education Director
Stretching Your Imagination and the Space-Time Continuum

Saturday, Mach 3rd 1PM - 4PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW

$40 Register