Improv for Everyone: The Join with Greg Tavares

How to start awesome scenes.

In this workshop Greg will teach you a technique that gets you on the same page as your scene partner right at the top of the scene. The technique is called “The Join.” It is bout moving before you talk and creating a bond with your scene partner before you verbally start the scene. The workshop will include doing lots of scenes with lots of feedback from Greg. Oh yeah, he wrote an improv book called Improv For Everyone and everyone who takes this class will get a free copy of Greg’s book.

Greg has been improvising since 1985 and started the improv group The Have Nots! with Brandy Sullivan and some other friends in 1995. He co-founded Theatre 99 in Charleston SC with Brandy Sullivan and Timmy Finch in 2000. He and Brandy are the Co-artistic directors of Theatre 99.

He wrote the curriculum taught in Theatre 99’s training program and gets as much out of teaching as he does from being on stage. He has a BFA in acting from USC and an MFA in directing from the Univ. of Nebraska, but still has nightmares that he never finished high school. When he is not acting or directing he is paddle boarding or running after his two awesome kids.

Certification for Advanced Format classes or permission from the Education Director
Improv for Everyone: The Join

Wednesday, Oct 25 7PM - 10PM

1835 14th St NW

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