Connect Play Connect with Mona Thompson

Makes scenes feel easy and makes all your partners look great. Be the improviser everyone wants to play with.

Do you want to be the improviser everyone wants to perform with? Who makes scenes feel easy and makes all your partners look great? Contrary to what we might think, the best improvisers are not the loudest or flashiest players. Instead, they are the players who are intent on making their scene partners’ eyes light up.

In this workshop, we’ll explore various ways of noticing what’s happening onstage, connecting with our scene partners, and bringing more playfulness into our improv. This workshop is great for individual improvisers of all levels who want to be more delightful performers as well as ensembles who want more of a common vocabulary around connectivity and playfulness.

Mona Thompson is a San Francisco-based improv performer, teacher, and coach. She has performed and taught in 21 cities around the U.S. She began improvising in high school in Washington DC, continued in college as a member of the Stanford Improvisors, and never looked back. Currently, Mona performs with Un-Scripted Theater Company (SF), Social Studies Improv (Oakland), and her two-woman group, Mona and Shara Do Improv (SF). She teaches at BATS Improv, Un-Scripted Theater Company, Stagebridge, and Stanford University. In 2014, she co-founded Collective Capital, a company that helps organizations create a culture of innovation through improv and design.

Level 3: Character, or permission from the Education Director
Connect Play Connect

Wednesday, Dec 27th 7PM - 9:30PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW

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