Become a Game Machine with Annie Barry

Game is the key to running any format successfully and with ease. Learn to identify quicker and explore faster.

This workshop will explore Game in a way that will make it far less elusive and scary. The basic meaning of game is the first unusual thing that can be justified and heightened. Within the workshop we will work our listening skills to latch on to that first unusual thing faster and to cleanly and concisely state what the unusual pattern of behavior is so that we can justify, heighten and explore.

We often feel as improvisers that we need to be funny, but this workshop will also show you that your own point of view and personal experiences can be utilized and turned into games. The workshop will consist of drilling scenes and identifying games within. They will then be fast forwarded to be blown out with tag outs and walk ons. We will also dig into our personal wells to identify our own philosophies that can be used within scene work.

Performers will also learn that emotion is a quick and easy way to play game. By choosing an emotion at the top of the scene we will slowly heighten as the environment and relationship are explored the straight man will feed their scene partner to continue to heighten the emotional response. This is a good way of seeing us “Live in the problem” rather than trying to solve it.

Annie Barry loves the art of improv comedy because she thinks it makes people more present and better listeners. She feels that staying fully in the moment and investing in each other is the best thing we can do with our lives. She also loves the feeling of laughing and tries to do it as often as possible.

She started her training at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in New York City. She performed for two years on the Lloyd/Harold team Graceland. She guest played on the Hip Hop Improv Show “Take it Personal” at the UCB East. She also was on numerous indie teams including Midnight Snack, Bartholomew, Imperfect Strangers, Lizzies, Gentlemen’s Delight, and the Bird. Annie is proud member of Nox! The craziest bunch of weirdos this side of the Mason Dixon.

Level 3: Character, or permission from the Education Director
Become a Game Machine

Saturday, October 28h 1PM - 4PM

1420 Columbia Rd NW

2 spots left!

Annie Barry